Aluminum heavy cut supplement polishing kit
Aluminum heavy cut supplement polishing kit

(2 pack) DC Super Shine Heavy/Aggressive Cut Supplement

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If you need a heavy cutting - aggressive prestep to the dc super shine kits in order to deal with the problem of very heavy oxidation, then we suggest this supplement. With the menzerna 439t green bar in this supplement along with a Max Cut buffing wheel. polishing at 3000 rpms you’ll be  amazed at how well it cuts.  it will save considerable time in such situations where the oxidation is excessive. we have thus pared this menzerna heavy cutting rouge bar with a Max cut orange/yellow (heavy cut) buffing wheel. In keeping with the other menzerna rouge bars, you will get less dust in the workplace with this bar. considering the degree of cut this bar also provides a surprising level of shine.

you get 2 10inch Max cut Orange/Yellow airways and One 439T Menzerna Rouge bar heavy cut



Important: Always wear a face shield or safety goggles when using this kit to polish aluminum.  Pay attention to manufacturer recommendations.  The buffing wheels in this kit are rated for a maximum 3400 rpms.  While some polishers may choose to polish at higher rpms, it is important to note the recommended limits.  Exceeding the recommended rpm rating can cause serious injury.