D C Super Shine Auto Rim & Accessory Kit

D C Super Shine Auto Rim & Accessory Kit

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The components are designed to be used with a 1/4” - 3/8” drill. we call it an auto rim and accessory kit because it is intended for smaller projects and tighter areas where large buffing wheels would not suit. This kit is not designed for heavy oxidation; rather it is for lighter oxidation and maintenance. You will find the 3” wool ball a very effective aid in polishing rims. we recommend spreading the autosol polish over the area to be polished before using the wool ball. if using a liquid polish, the metal polish can be applied directly to the wool ball or to the surface, depending on your personal preference. The 8” extender included in this kit can be used with the wool ball. To do so, remove the adapter from the extender, as well as the 2” shaft from the wool ball. subsequently, screw the 8” adapter onto the post of the wool ball and you are ready to go.


  • One three” wool ball

  • One 3.3 oz. tube autosol metal polish

  • One menzerna 439 t green rouge bar

  • One menzerna 480 blw blue rouge bar

  • Three medium taper buffs

  • Three small cylinder buffs

  • Two 2” mushroom buffs

  • Two 60 ply 3” mounted cotton buffing wheels

  • One 60 ply 3" yellow cutting buffing wheel
  • Two 2” scuff buffs

  • One 8” extender w/ adapter