439T prepolish menzerna compound bar
439T prepolish menzerna compound bar
439T Menzerna green

(Case of 15) 439 T Rouge Bar (Approx. 2.5 lb. Green Bar; Heavy Cut)

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If you need an aggressive bar for polishing aluminum or stainless steel, this menzerna rouge bar will be a great bar to use. this bar is more aggressive than a standard brown bar and also the menzerna yellow bar we employ in the kits. this pale green bar could be used as a pre-step to the yellow bar in our d c super shine kits. denis with d c super shine tried this bar with a polisher at 3000 rpms and was amazed at how well it cut. he stated that this bar is ideal for those cutting at such rpms. in keeping with the other menzerna rouge bars, you will get less dust in the workplace with this bar. considering the degree of cut this bar also provides a nice level of shine. when using this bar, use a zephyr orange or blue wheel. a fast cut would also work but as a heavier-cutting bar, it would be preferrable to match it up with a heavier cutting wheel.


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