airway buffing wheel
10 inch airway orange and yellow buff and blend
10 inch airway buffing wheel
10 inch buffing pad

(10 Pack) or (20 Pack) 10" Medium-Heavy Cut Buffing Wheel Orange and Yellow blend

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Choose from Zephyr 10" 16 ply medium-heavy cut buffing wheel, Or  Centerless Layered 20 ply Medium-heavy cut buffing wheel.  Those who have tested this wheel have described it as "excellent". That there is virtually no vibration. this buffing wheel pares perfectly with the menzerna the 439T green Rouge bar.

Note:  for orders over 20 wheels contact me directly via email for bulk pricing:

Important: Always wear a face shield or safety goggles when using this kit to polish aluminum.  Pay attention to manufacturer recommendations.  The buffing wheels in this kit are rated for a maximum 3400 rpms.  While some polishers may choose to polish at higher rpms, it is important to note the recommended limits.  Exceeding the recommended rpm rating can cause serious injury.