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Thank you for visiting our page,  First thing I would like everyone to know is that ALL the products on this website are used by US at DC Super Shine to perform our daily polishing jobs/contracts.  I stand behind every product and tool we offer and put my personal stamp of approval on them.  So there's no guessing on what to buy to get the job done RIGHT!!!


I've had a love for cars & trucks since I was a boy. Now 20+ years into the detailing business, from cars to Transport trucks... from boats to aircrafts I've done it all Becoming a Self-thought Master Detailer took a LOT of work, patience and dedication. I take great pride in a job well done and my reputation reflects upon it!


DC Super Shine was started by Denis Champagne officially in 1997. For 20+ years DC Super Shine has been Cornwall and Area Premier Mobile Detail Company. Denis saw a need for a detail studio to perform premier detailing services and opened a second location right here in the City of Cornwall. You won't find another detail shop that takes care of your Truck or Car as if it were their own. Denis and his staff take the utmost pride in their work and operates with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.





Why Choose Us


For many, the thought of spending well over $300 to detail a car seems faintly ridiculous. When the average car wash cost less then $15, and there are many products available in retail stores that claim to shine your car to perfection. The reality is that detailing a car properly takes time, between 6 to 8 hours in a typical case and the finest products cannot be found at your local auto superstore. DC Super Shine uses only the best products on the market, some costing hundreds of dollars for a small pot! We wash and clean our customer vehicle from wheel arches to the windshield. We then apply at least one deep, protective layer of high quality carnauba wax or polymer sealer, after having corrected the paintwork if it was scratched or contaminated.

What’s more, after DC Super Shine has detailed your car, the wax finish resists dirt and pollution far more effectively than normal, as your paint work is smoother. You can feel it for yourself with the back of your hand. In turn making washing your car in less time, and the results are spectacular.

So how good is the DC Super Shine finish? Well, even professional body shops can sometimes fall short of DC Super Shine’s high standards. They just don’t spend enough time on the process.


Protecting your Investment

Modern luxury and performance cars can cost as much as a house, yet lose their value quickly if unloved or cared for. And even the cared-for cars lose their value if treated incorrectly. Every time a car is washed with a bucket and sponge, there is a risk that microscopic grains of dirt are being rubbed into the gleaming paintwork, causing swirl marks also know as spider web scratches. DC Super Shine safeguards your investment. Regular treatments will preserve the quality of your car’s paintwork, ensuring that depreciation is kep to a minimum when you come to sell it on. Costly resprays can be avoided saving thousands of dollars.

Plus there’s nothing like a swirl free finish to make you fall in love with your car all over again.

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