Zephyr Pro-40
Zephyr Pro-40
Zephyr Pro-40 Metal polish

(Choose 6 or 12 Bottles) Zephyr Pro 40 Perfection Metal Polish 16 oz. btl.

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Zephyr pro 40 metal polish is a wipe on - let dry - wipe off metal polish that effortlessly cleans, seals and protects aluminum, stainless steel, and chrome. pro 40 is #1 in the heavy duty trucking industry. it contains special ingredients that enable you to achieve a mirror shine in half the time it takes with other polishes. truly perfection, pro 40 cleans, polishes, and protects. in a recent independent metal polish study performed for motorhome magazine, zephyr pro 40 metal polish received the highest score of 18 popular metal polishes tested. the four points of consideration, or areas of testing, included: ease of use, value, cut, and shine. i like the way one of my customers has always summarized his use of this polish - "simple, quick, and easy."


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