Lake country prewashed white wool pad

(6 Pack) Lake Country 6 1/2" X 3/4" Prewashed White Knit Lambswool Pad

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using a proprietary process, lambswool is knitted into a synthetic backing material. the pad is then prewashed which "blossoms" the individual fibers. the result is a nearly lint-free pad which does not matt down as quickly as other wool pads. best of all, the pad quickly produces a high gloss finish....during the polishing stage. this lambswool pad can be used for compounding or polishing. it is ideal for fine scratches and light oxidation. it is recommended to use this pad with around a 2000 grit abrasive. the pad is just beyond the mid-range in least to most aggressiveness. this pad ia a favorite with one of my polishers to use with menzerna super intensive polish. (pad #77-2165, with center hole