Zephyr 10 inch flannel wheel
(3 pack) 10″ Airway White Domet Flannel Buffing Wheel

(3 pack) 10″ Airway White Domet Flannel Buffing Wheel

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High finish flannel buff used for a very high luster on aluminum and stainless steel. 5/8″ arbor, 10″ diameter. many use this wheel along with Blue Flash metal polish after using the white untreated buffing wheel. apply Blue Flash and buff to a high luster.

these wheel are best used at 1800-2200 rpm with the blue Menzerna bar for a deep clear shine and minimize buffing lines.


Important: Always wear a face shield or safety goggles when using this kit to polish aluminum.  Pay attention to manufacturer recommendations.  The buffing wheels in this kit are rated for a maximum 3400 rpms.  While some polishers may choose to polish at higher rpms, it is important to note the recommended limits.  Exceeding the recommended rpm rating can cause serious injury.