The Importance of Protecting your investment during the winter months

Fighting The Winter Elements

When you Polish/protect your vehicle in spring and summer, you get the enjoyment of the sun gleaming off your glossy, shiny paint . And then the appreciation of watching the spring and summer raindrops bead up so perfectly on that mirror-like finish.  Many have been misled in to believing that protecting your vehicle before the winters months is a waste of money and time, But there are very practical reasons to wax your car before the winter weather arrives.

You see, car protection isn’t all about the shine. It’s also about putting a buffer between your car’s paint and the elements. When it turns cold, you’re dealing with everything from decomposing leaves covering your car to snow, ice, dirt, grime and road salt. They all stick to your car and they’re a lot more stubborn than most summer dirt to remove. Every one of them can do damage to your paint. So it’s best to give your car that layer of protection.

Your vehicle is not just for getting from A to B. It is a real asset and investment. All cars lose value with every year and every Kilometer. However, this does not mean that you can’t take steps to hold on to as much of that value as possible. A beautifully maintained vehicle will be worth so much more than one that has not been detailed in years. While the working parts also need to be maintained, it’s important that you keep up appearances too. Should you wish to sell your car one day, you want prospective buyers to be enthusiastic about a test drive when they first see your vehicle. This means that you need to have your car detailed regularly – especially just before winter.

here's the link to the kit I use every 6 months or so on my vehicles  :)


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