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How to Polish aluminum rims

One of the top questions I get asked is How can I get my aluminum rims to shine like a mirror.  In this short blog I explain exactly how to do that. Step by Step Process Clean your rim of all dirt and road debris, if you have grease and or tar using mineral spirits and an SOS pad works wonders. (personally I don`t use acid, but on certain occasions when rims are very badly oxidized using acid can make the process easier.) Prepping and sanding aluminum is the secret to a deep clear shine.  I use 180, 320, 400 and 600 grit aluminum oxide sand paper.  Always remember that your first grit is the bulk of your work.  so...

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How To Use The DC Super Shine Heavy cut kit

Here's a quick post explaining how to step by step use my kit to polish aluminum.  also have my related video at the bottom. Before the Polishing process. This step In my opinion is the secret to clarity, the most important of all the steps. The Depthness of the shine you will have will be in direct proportion to the sanding you do. So with that said… depending on how far, how much work and time you want to spend on sanding will determine how close to a perfect mirror your surface will become. Choosing the grits: 95% of my jobs are done with 320 followed by 400 and finishing with 600. Some jobs will require a bit more work...

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