DIY How To Polish An Aluminum Pontoon Boat

DIY How To Polish An Aluminum Pontoon Boat

When I polish a pontoon, I want to process to be as easy and quick as possible.  

So the first thing I do is High Speed Sand with a 3500 rpm Rotary Sander/Polisher it makes the sanding process much faster compared to using a DA Sander.  The Grits I use depend on how bad the aluminum is oxidized.  9 times out of 10 I'll go with 320, 400, 600 and 1000 grits.  If it's full of scratches or very oxidized i'll start with 180 grit.  I usually do my last sanding step with a DA to smooth out the surface even more to make the polishing process a bit easier.

the polishing process is simple... 1 Cut, 1 Finish.  If you use good quality products and follow my process there's no reason why you wouldn't get the same results as me.  So the cutting step I use 10" orange/yellow blend airway wheel with 439T Green Menzerna compound @6000 rpm.  For finishing I use 10" white Domet Flannel airway wheel with 480BLF Blue Menzerna compound.  @1800-2200 rpm

After your finishing process if there's black residue left behind you can use Blue Flash liquid metal polish to clean up and provide longer lasting protection.

if anyone has questions the best way to reach me is via Facebook Messaging

Denis Champagne - Master Detailer










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